Home Design: Choosing the Right Windows for Your House

Windows are one of the most important element in every house. It can connect you to the outdoor world whenever you want it, or keep the outside elements from getting inside your house if you don’t want them. I mean imagine that you are sitting in front of your window with a cup of coffee in the morning, enjoying the view and the sunlight that’s beaming down to your face, how comforting is that? Now choosing the right windows for your house might be tricky and it might be a major investment as well. Now if you are considering changing out your windows or want a new look for your house, look at these 5 tips to beautify your house with the right new windows.

1. Know your home’s architectural style first and choose windows that suits them

There are plenty of different architectural design style and each of those styles have different approach on setting out the right windows. For example, large windows that serve as a wall normally fit a modern and contemporary house more compared to mediterranean house. While mediterranean house fits a more classic and traditional windows. But if you are in a adventurous mode and wanted something different, it’s your call. My suggestion is try ask a professional first to illustrate the design to see whether your windows of choice fit your house.


2. Decide the purpose and location of your new windows will be

Well basic windows usually is needed to be a natural lighting for your house, but it can also serve as a doorway, ceiling, or even as an ornamental just for aesthetics. Then consider which rooms your windows will be put on, because different styles and sizes of windows might be good on each and different rooms. Or if you don’t want any extra hassle or time, you can just install the same windows all over your house and it can still look good too. Consider whether the view is essential as well, because you don’t want to wake up and just looking to a wall of brick do you?


3. Know the overall accent of your house to decide the colours for your windows’ frame and mullions

Each of us have our favourite colours that we might want to apply on every element of our house. Sometimes it is not a bad idea, but most of the times it is. Get to know the overall accent of your house first before choosing the colour of your windows frames and mullions. Consider the type of your wall first, whether it is a brick or wood wall, whether it is black or white. Then take a look around the outdoors and neighboring houses to get a sense of what existing colours are present. Normally people would use two accent colours for their frames and mullions, and they usually use a mixed colours of either black, white or brown. One example is if your house’s wall is made of wood, then it is best to put a black or grey framed windows since it will blend in with the brown colour of your wall.


4. Selecting different types of operable windows for the amount of ventilation needed

If you need a large amount of ventilation in one specific room, then it is best to have a large operable windows. Don’t be mistaken, because there are windows that is fixed and cannot be opened. Let say if you install fixed windows in your toilet, then you might have a trouble breathing while taking a dump or suffocate the next person that is going to use your toilet. Then you need to decide the type of operable windows, whether its a slider windows, double-hung windows, etc. Choosing the right type of operable windows is basically down to the owners preference, just remember whether it is operable or not.


5. Use your windows as a part of your interiors

Sometimes you can use windows as a part of your interiors and it can help your overall house to look more beautiful and even spacious. If you have a beautiful view outside, then don’t be afraid to replace some of your wall with large windows with curtains. Of if you want to create more space, you placed multiple pieces of glass together to form more floor space inside the home. One ideal area to place this kind of area is bathroom such as the picture below.


Overall, windows can be a great option if you’re thinking to renovate your house or to differentiate your house design with others. Windows might be an expensive investment for your house, but then again it might be a beautiful investment for your home right?